Tues 3rd-Sat 28th Jan + Feast on Sun 29th Jan

We want to start the year well. What better place to start than together spending more time with Jesus. After all, prayer and fasting is ultimately about seeking Him, and with or bodies saying “Lord, I need you more…”. After all, if we fast, but don’t pray, we are just hungry!

We’re giving 23 days in total for fast and prayer together, starting on Tues 3rd Jan, and ending with a feast on Sunday 29th Jan at Saxon Hall.


“Fasting from any nourishment, activity, involvement or pursuit—for any season—sets the stage for God to appear.” – Dan B. Allender

We’re joining our wider Vineyard family in the UK and Ireland in 21 days of prayer and fasting (plus two of our own!). We’re starting on 3rd January and ending on 28th January. We want to seek to be with God as much as possible, to be in his presence and to let him change and transform us.

You may fast from food, or certain meals – perhaps food types. But you may also fast from other things that distract us from God – social media, Netflix etc. Below is a daily plan of prayer to help guide us.

We’ll be fasting Monday-Saturday, with Sundays off (or whatever pattern you opt for)

If you have medical concerns do seek advice from a medical professional before fasting from food.


There are a number of different ways you might want to fast:

– – –

1-meal per day: this does what it says on the tin! Eating just one meal per day, or fasting for 23 hours per day.

– – –

2-meals per day: dedicating one meal time per day to seek Jesus.

– – –

A media or habit fast: in our modern culture, some of us barely sit down to eat… but we’ll lose hours scrolling through Instagram, or binging Netflix. Maybe give up a few apps, or a particular habit for this season to give more time to God.

– – –

Abstaining from certain foods: this may be sacrificial, particularly fo those with medical concerns. Maybe give up meat, or alcohol, or chocolate etc – something that is a sacrifice.

– – –

There are loads of variations you can use. The important part of fasting is submitting something we love and/or need to the Lord in order to seek Him.

sunday 29th january - 11.30am @ saxon hall


So often we get busy fasting and prayer, forgetting to celebrate together all that God has done. Yet, in the Bible, from beginning to end, eating together and giving thanks to God is present! So, we want to give a Sunday morning/afternoon to do things a little differently. We’ll have time to worship, prayer and then celebrate and eat together.


On Sunday 29th January we want to have a bring-and-share feast! Bring enough food for yourselves, and someone else. We’ll put on some hot drinks, and provide the communion bread and juice – but help us out by bringing some cold food for a giant buffet-style feast. If you need help knowing what to bring, please email us.


We’ve also prepared a bunch of ideas and tools to help you engage with Scripture in 2023 and beyond.