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Communities Christmas 2023 Love & compassion GRant

We are optionally offering our Communities a small grant of £50 to try something to engage their neighbouts or locality in a way that shares or demonstrates the Gospel and the love of Christ this Christmas season. We want Communities to own seeing God’s kingdom come in tangible ways (“natural” or “supernatural” wherever they are. There is no pressure of put forward an idea for the grant – but it’s intention is to empower you to try something new this Christmas.

Review the information sent out.

For more information, please check out the initial PDF we sent out. View it here.

Apply for the grant

To ‘apply’ for the grant, please complete this form. Before spending money on your outreach, please wait for us to confirm (we don’t want anyone to be out of pocket). To be honest, it’s unlinkely we’ll have any issues – but we may need to check details for the purposes of risk assessments etc.

How to claim reimbursement

Please send a copy/photo or any receipts/invoices with the bank details for the individual being reimbursed to communities@nenevalley.church. Please note, the sooner you do this, the better, as folks may be off over the Christmas break.

Please share stories/testimony!

We would love to hear how your outreach goes! Do pop us an email to communities@nenevalley.church to share this – and also on the Community Leaders WhatsApp group!

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