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Colossians as your "summer read"

Over this summer, we are teaching through the book of Colossians. This reading plan is simply to help you engage with Colossians daily for a season, and in the process maybe discover some ways of reading the Bible that are new to each of us. Need a Bible? Download one for free.

Looking for a 'next step'?

Over the coming weeks, we would encourage you to try a few things:

Start with prayer

Start with prayer. Open your heart to the Holy Spirit as you read the book the Lord gave us.


Journal, or find another way to reflect. The Bible isn’t for reading like any other book, it isn’t a reference book, or a rule book. It is meditation literature that transforms us.

Talk to others

A spouse, close friend… someone who doesn’t know Jesus! Just engage in conversation with others, encourage one another.

Bible Study Methods

We want everyone to be encouraged in their own reading of the Scriptures. There are lots of good methods for reading the Bible, inspired by good men and women of God.

If you’re someone who feels like they would love to grow in confidence we’ve picked out 4 ‘frameworks’ for Bible study to help and encourage you:

Sunday 13th August from 12.30pm


Join us after our morning gathering for a picnic and full reading of Colossians at Saxon Hall. Bring a picnic along – the kids are really welcome as we listen to the letter Paul wrote read aloud to allow it to speak to us afresh.

Helpful Resources

Colossians is a book that packs a punch. Here are some resources that may be helpful along the way.

Video Overview

A brief video-based overview of the book of Colossians from the Bible Project.


Commentaries are generally written by Bible scholars to help us understand what’s going on in a passage. There are lots of great commentaries out there, but for ease, we recommend “Colossians & Philemon For Everyone” by Tom Wright

Going Deeper

Want to dig a little deeper into the theology, the context of Colossians? Fancy a challenging or expanding perspective on what you’re reading? Great! The below articles and videos are for you.

Col 1:9-14: The Need for Wisdom (Video - 2mins)

Exploring Paul’s prayers for the church in Colossae. Watch now.

Col 1:15-17: A Christology Worth Singing (Blog)

A deep-dive from the Bible Project on the Christogical hymn/poem in Colossians 1:15-17. Read it here.

Col 2:15: Public Spectacle (Video - 2mins)

NT Wright unpacks the historical meaning buried in Colossians 2:15. Watch now.

Col 3:12-14: Grace for Our Relationships (Blog/Prayer)

A simple no-punches-pulled prayer using Colossians 3:12-14 as a framework. Read it here.

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