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Discovery Bible Study

DBS emerged in part from quickly-multiplying house churches in China. Interestingly, it’s designed to be easy to remember, to be used to share the Scriptures with literally anyone and get them involved in understanding the Bible for themselves.

You might be alone using this framework, maybe with your family. Maybe you come across a stranger in a coffee shop who is asking questions about faith – great. Take them to a passage and run these steps with them. This framework works great in pairs and groups, but also works well ‘solo’.

1. Read the passage

2. Read it a second time

If you’re reading with others, get someone else to read. Maybe someone has a different translation. If you’re reading alone, you re-read it.

3. Retell the passage in your own words

This isn’t about a perfect retelling. Retell it as you remember it. This is a memorisation and learning step!

4. Reflect on these questions:

Q. What does this passage tell me about God?

Q. What does this passage tell me about me/humanity?

Q. What does this tell me about living to please God?

5. who can you tell?

Maybe someone is already in mind. Who can you share this passage/revelation with? Not just Christian friends – literally ANYONE. A neighbour going to grief, a friend who’s asking little questions here-and-there about your faith. Maybe you don’t know. Pray boldly, asking the Holy Spirit to bring someone across your path today.

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