We’re away for The Weekender – or meeting up for coffee or brunch!


The church should be a multi-cultural, multi-generation body of people that crosses political and class lines, submitted to Christ, given to one another in love and care.

It is meant to be a prophetic people seeking to embody the wholeness of creation and the human experience we long for and wait for.

We hope you’ll find community here – with all of it foibles, intricacies and imperfections. Practicing the way of Jesus fully has to be done in community with others. This is both for our encouragement, but also for our shaping (it hurts sometimes!)


Community beyond something superficial simply cannot happen on a Sunday morning! So, we’d encourage you in to one of, of both of these spaces:


Communities are normally about 6-20 people in size. The hope for these is that they are a place to be connected, cared for and commissioned. Where possible, they gather around a particular location, so that each one of us can join Jesus is his work where we are.


These are groups of 3-4 people of the same sex who intentionally meet for accountability and being open with one another. The hope is that in a space of prayer, care and openness, real spiritual formation can happen in a safe way.

We don’t have any formal sign up or oversight of these huddles – just ask some folks to walk with you.