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The Gospel Comes with a House Key

Not only is this the title of a book we thoroughly recommend reading, but it sums up the idea that when we say yes to following Jesus, that includes all our “stuff”. Our homes, our cars, our jobs, our family, our way of life, the things we do for fun, the things we stop doing, the way we speak, and view others.

Listen to our opening teaching around the practice of hospitality here.

“From one man he made all the nations, that they should inhabit the whole earth; and he marked out their appointed times in history and the boundaries of their lands.”

Acts 17:27


Everyone of us has been given all we need to show Jesus love and grace to others through our hospitality.

Idea 1: Hospitality is not Entertainment

We don’t need tidy homes, with fancy food and expensive tastes. Whatever we have, in any given moment is enough. Whether that’s toys strewn everywhere, beans on toast with a supermarket-brand cup of tea or something more, trust that the Lord has given you all you need.

Idea 2: People want to see the real you!

When we follow Jesus we still have some very ‘normal’ ways! We still have to do the dishes, hang out washing, we have good days, down days. Folks are happy seeing a home that isn’t perfect – why? Because their lives are not perfect either!


Hospitality doesn’t require a theology degree. It’s doesn’t require charisma or wit. Just you, being you, asking questions and listening. Imagine around your dining table – the lonely finding family, the broken being prayed for, the hungry being fed. The Kingdom of God at work, in and through you!


Here are a few really simple ways you can begin to to walk out hospitality in your life, for the love of Jesus.

Toward other followers of jesus

We should be hospitable toward one another. “Share with the Lord’s people who are in need. Practise hospitality.” Romans 12:13. Invite someone over for a cuppa, or when we gather on a Sunday, as people back for some food.

Toward your neighbours, colleagues...

We should also show hospitality towards those who don’t know Jesus. Neighbours, friends, colleagues etc. This might require a bit of boldness – ask someone over for dinner. Not everyone will be up for it – but keep going!

hospitality outside your home

Jesus demonstrated hospitality, though he was homeless. It was in his heart and attitudes. How might we show hospitality and love toward others aside from around our table? Can we engage folks at Christmas with gifts, at Easter, for fireworks night… Get creative!

Follow the leading of the holy spirit

Let’s follow Jesus example. He only did what he saw the Father doing – so let’s not drive ourselves over the edge thinking we have to meet every need. Instead, let us be prayerful, living with our lives, eyes and ears open to His leading.

Recommended Reads

Some way smarter, more practised people have written some wonderful, challenging and encouraging reads that we think might be a help, if you’re the reading type.

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