We’re away for The Weekender – or meeting up for coffee or brunch!


Our heart is to equip you to be all God has created you to be and grow in what He is calling you to do.

With that in mind, this September we are inviting you to join a two year programme where each month we will look at a different area of leadership. 

Leading a community/group? Leading a team or ministry? Leading in business? Whether you’ve been leading 6 months, 6 years, or for what feels like a lifetime, Vineyard Leadership Essentials will challenge and grow you in many different areas. 

Run in a flipped classroom format, where we watch the material before we gather to talk about it, we will meet on the fourth Tuesday of each month. Meetings will be on Zoom, with an optional in person gathering once a term where we will have the opportunity to worship together and pray for each other.

If you feel this is time for you to step up, develop skills and put them into practice, sign up and someone will be in contact to discuss this pathway with you.

Vineyard Leadership Essentials is free and is part of the Vineyard Ministry Pathway. We will be joining together with the cvfamily for this programme, giving a wider dynamic to discussions on the different areas of growth and leadership


The curriculum is made up of a series of 18 pre-recorded video sessions delivered by leaders from across the Vineyard movement, both nationally and internationally.

These sessions are centred around the Five Characteristics of a Pioneering Leader (a philosophy that the Vineyard movement has been using in various training environments for some years), and acts as an introduction to leadership skill and responsibility.

Vision & Calling

Understanding vision and calling and its importance in ministry.

Spiritual & Emotional Capacity

Recognise and understand the importance of self-awareness and strategic living


Demonstrate a knowledge and understanding of key factors involved in communication

Leadership & Multiplication

Demonstrate an understanding of the theology of leadership and its importance

Gathering & Mission

Recognise and understand the role of gathering in the process of ministry