We want to be a community that encourages one another in Scripture. 

So often, with the busyness of life it can be easy to feel ashamed for ‘not keeping up’ with a reading plan. Can we give you permission to not be ashamed?! Below we have some reading plans for everyone – some are sizeable chunks of Scripture, others are more bitesize.


The Bible in one year.

New Testament/Psalms in one year.

Lectio 365 (devotional)

Tips for enjoying Scripture

Quality, not quantity

The Bible is meditation literature. This means it’s meant to make us think, not just consume information (which is primarily how we’re taught to read in the ‘modern west’). As we meditate and reflect, it changes us. So, if you need to, take your time. Reflect. Enjoy.

Not a reader?

Fear not! For the first 1,500 years of the church, most Christians we unable to read Scripture for a few reasons. You can download the FREE Bible App and have Scripture read to you each day. We love the NIV read by David Suchet. Silky!

Doesn't make sense?

We’d encourage you to try the Read Scripture app. It includes super helpful videos by the Bible Project (whom we love!). You have a piece of daily reading interspersed with those videos.

Read in community

The Bible was originally, almost exclusively read as a communal activity. Why not find 2-3 people of the same sex and form a ‘Huddle’ where you can read together, support one another and share your lives together?

Love an app?

We’ve already mentioned the Bible App and Read Scripture App. But there is also the Bible in One Year app, and Lectio 365. These can keep your engaged if apps and tech interaction are your thing!

Want to go deeper?

There is a ton of great content you’ll find on the web. Podcasts, apps etc. Remember, don’t replace your local church with a podcast or app! But, we would recommend the Bible Project if you want to go deeper with Scripture.

Bible Apps

There are a variety of Bible apps with various Bible reading plans. Here are just a few of our favourites.

Read Scripture

Combines a daily reading plan with videos guides from the Bible Project.

Bible Project

Deep dive with Bible Project plans, videos, podcasts and more! Prepared for you. New for 2022!

Lectio For Families

Designed to help families engage with Scripture through conversation and prayer.

Lectio 365

App-based reading plan that helps your read through the Bible every day.


Led by Nicky Gumbel, with versions for  young people too!

The Bible App

Free, packed full of tools, translations and reading plans for you to try.

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