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In March of 2023, we began a teaching series unpacking the spiritual practice of Sabbath. From Genesis 1, Sabbath is a feature of the story of God, and Jesus will have practiced Sabbath.

“Sabbath is an arena in which to recognise that we live by gift and not by possession” (Walter Brueggemann, Sabbath As Resistance).

So, we invite you to journey with Sabbath. Rest for your soul.


Anxiety. Worry. Over-busyness. Exhaustion. Needing a break. Don’t worry, you’re not alone. One of the most important practicing for modern living is recovering Sabbath. Why? Because many of us a feeling the strain of life, and returning to God’s rhythm is the best option we have.

As a church community, we want to be with Jesus, become more like Jesus and do what he did. This doesn’t happen by accident! We regularly want to embrace some practices of Jesus and to integrate them in to our lives. Sabbath is one of these – a regular ‘stop’, ‘rest’, ‘delight’ and ‘worship’.

Practicing The Way have prepared a 4-week course that we are going to run in various homes across the Nene Valley in smaller groups.

Dates: Wed 19th Apr, Wed 3rd May, Wed 10th May, Wed 17th May.

The course is FREE, but places are limited, so we ask that if you sign up to the course, you make all four sessions a priority.

The course features teaching, sets us goals to try, and calls us to be accountable each week when we return. We think it is structured really well, and is really accessible for anyone – whether you know you need sabbath rest but cannot see how you can manage it, or someone who just wants guidance for those 24-hours of rest.

The course is run in homes – sign up and we’ll put you in touch with your ‘home hub’ for the course!

Sabbath Resources

Sabbath may be new to some of you. Below are some resources to help you engage, alongside our Sunday teaching. Some is ‘about’ Sabbath, others are tools you could use as part of your Sabbath.

Guided Prayer

Worship is a key part of sabbath. We have a 5-minute guided silent prayer that might help you step in to your sabbath.

Recommended Reads

If you want to go a little deeper on sabbath, we recommend ‘Sabbath as Resistance‘ by Walter Brueggemann, and Practicing the Way recommend ‘Sabbath‘ by Dan Allender.

Lectio for Families

An app from 24-7 Prayer helping families to engage with Scripture and prayer together. There’s a version for everyone here.

Teaching Recap

Catch up on our Sunday teaching around Sabbath.

Sunday 19th March 2023

Rest For Your Soul

Sunday 26th March 2023

A Resistance

Sunday 2nd April 2023


Sunday 16th April 2023


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