Jesus set us a great example of servanthood. The one who could use the earth as a footstool (Isaiah 66:1) instead comes washes the earth from his disciples feet (John 13:1-11), and ultimately lays down his life as the greatest act of selfless serving love ever known.

Join in with the autumn practice

This Autumn, right up to the start of Advent/Christmas, we’re collectively exploring how God might transform us in the fullness of life and likeness to Christ through the spiritual practice of serving others. We’re all on a journey, so come walk with us.

The first Sunday in October, November and December we’re not gathering for our normal service, but instead looking to engage our communities through small, practical acts of love and kindness.

Our conviction is that when Jesus says the the greatest commandment includes “love your neighbour as yourself”, that means our literal neighbours. How might you connect with your neighbours?



Here’s some recommended reading for those who love to engage their minds in their spiritual formation.

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