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Why Servant Evangelism?

“A knowledge of the path cannot be substituted for putting onefoot in front of the other.” M.C. Richards

If you’ve been a Christian for even a relatively short period of time, you’ve probably become aware of HOW to do evangelism. The method. The programme etc. But, despite have the knowhow, and the tools that take us to a place called ‘evangelism’, many of us struggle to do the stuff!

As a church, we’re entering a season of intentional servant evangelism, or ‘kindness evangelism’, with the hope it just becomes an everyday, normal part of our Christians lives and formation. We believe that as we take relatively small risks for the Gospel, that Christ will meet us there, and we will see wonderul things happen.

But, what's so different about servant evangelism?

Here are a few thoughts of what makes servant evangelism ‘different’:

  1. It’s quick and simple to do.
  2. It’s ‘high volume’ (touches many lives)
  3. It can be done in groups, or as a family.
  4. It’s easy to be culture-current
  5. It gives the Holy Spirit an open door to engage people with the reality of Jesus.
  6. It allows shy and introverted people to launch into effective evangelism.
  7. It’s an approach Christian families can do together.
  8. It’s easily picked up by those new to faith.
  9. It’s friendly, non-pushy and nonaggressive.
  10. It appeals to every segment on the Nene Valley – we can do specific projects as needed.
  11. It’s emotionally safe for those who have been traumatised by negative experiences on evangelism.
  12. It is giving-centered, rather than asking-centered (e.g. “come to church…”
  13. It provides an open door for the miraculous – if God so moves!
  14. It can even be fun!

Want to go deeper?

This list is adapted from Steve Sjogren’s excellent book ‘Conspiracy of Kindness’. It’s a book that has informed our approach to evangelism as we explore Serving Others as we seek to abide in Christ and do what he did.

If you’re a reader, it’s well worth a go!

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