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Worship (sung)


We have prepared a playlist of a few of our Sunday gathering regulars! We love worship, and these playlists to help familiarise ourselves with the songs we sing – but also to help our children get used to them too, so they feel more able to join in!


There are many wonderful, rich and experiential ways to worship God. And, even in the realms of sung worship, there are thousands of songs, hundreds of cultures, dozens of styles and genres. Together, the Church creates a beautiful mosaic of sound and expression as it worships God.

Here are just a few notes on what to expect from a worship session at Nene Valley Vineyard.


God is not a far off deity. He created us to walk with him (see Genesis 1-3). Jesus came to bring us back to relationship with God. We worship God with a desire for encounter with Him. Not that all our worship songs are soppy ballads! But that we seek Him out through all.


The human experience is one of life, love, joy and pain. We want to reflect this in our worship. Often we are full of joy and praise, but sometimes we know sorrow, sadness, lament.


As we meet with Jesus, we should have an expectation of His kingdom come – healings, deliverance, setting-free, re-focusing etc. Our worship is not a passive, or one-way thing. It is an encounter with a living God!


We want our songs, our words to be accessible and meaningful to as many people as possible. We want people to find a path to meet with God through our singing. We’ll try and avoid songs that require a PhD in Theology to know what it means, and keep the style relatively modern!


We love to worship. To be with God, to draw Him is something we want to be passionate about. In the silence, in the loud, we want to express our passion for Him.

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