We are all being formed spiritually. Either by Jesus, Scripture and the work of the Holy Spirit, or by the world and the myriad narratives it gives us.

As a church we encourage everyone to engage in their spiritual journey toward Christlikeness, together, for the sake of others. As we do this, we rediscover a full, whole and revived humanity.


A few times each year we’ll collectively try and embrace a spiritual practice for a season. Of course, it’s optional as to whether you join in – but we’ll make the resources available to you. Our first practice is Serving Others.

Autumn Practice:
Serving Others

We’re exploring serving others together. Whether this is one another within the church, our neighbours, coworkers, communities or institutions.

Jesus set us a great example of servanthood. The one who could use the earth as a footstool comes washes the earth from his disciples feet, and ultimately lays down his life as the greatest act of selfless serving ever known.